Patient Advocate

The primary goal of the health or patient advocate is to provide people with the support, information, and resources needed to make informed and meaningful medical and health related decisions.

Patient advocates are sometimes called healthcare advocates or navigators. We work with healthy people to plan for the unexpected as well as providing guidance and support to people with complicated medical issues as they navigate the medical system. We also work with elders and their “helpers” to identify needs and goals along with the supports and resources required. 

Patient advocates do not diagnose medical conditions nor do we prescribe treatments. We have different levels of expertise and training in many areas, but we are not physicians, lawyers, or accountants. We work with you and your team of professionals to discover your needs and then put the puzzle pieces together with education, advocacy, and connection to resources.

Medical/Clinical Issues

  • Learn what matters most to you and create a plan to support your goals.
  • Research medical conditions and translate medical terminology into understandable language so that knowledgeable and informed decisions about care are made.
  • Provide a supportive, non-judgmental place to share concerns, fears, and confusion.
  • Coordinate appointments, support services, and transportation.
  • Accompany you to medical appointments to provide support and advocacy.
  • Connect to appropriate support groups and community resources that can help you achieve your goals of care.

Insurance and Billing

  • Review plans, benefits, and costs to determine best coverage options.
  • Communicate with insurance companies to address disputes.
  • Review insurance invoices and payments. 
  • Review medical bills for errors and follow up for resolution. 

Caregiver Support

  • Available to advocate for and support your loved one when care-givers are afar (greater Springfield, MA area only).
  • Facilitate client, care-giver, and family conferences to identify goals and how to best meet them.
  • Connect to our active network of support services that can fill in care gaps and enhance quality of life.
  • We offer compassionate listening and support to help process feelings of “overwhelm” that often accompany caring for loved ones.

Patient Advocacy Services

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