Funeral Celebrant Services

Honoring our dead through rites, rituals, and ceremony is an important step in the process of healing as one moves into a new way of being without the person who has died. A good funeral, memorial, or ceremony creates a space where the grieving can acknowledge their loss, honor their beloved’s life, and receive the support and care of friends, family and community. A good ceremony can be a portal into the sacred and transformative journey of grief to healing.


As a spiritually-independent, funeral celebrant I work with family and loved ones to create and celebrate meaningful and dignified services that reflect the wishes, beliefs, and life of the person who has died and offer support to the grieving. I feel especially called to be of service to people who seek guidance and support during these tender times and who are not affiliated with an organized religion or faith group.


My services as a spiritually independent funeral celebrant are informed by the work and teachings of Sarah Kerr at the Centre for Sacred Deathcare along with the deep and transformative training as an interfaith minister and chaplain that I experienced at the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine, and my own personal journey navigating loss, death, and healing.

My role as a spiritually independent
funeral celebrant includes:

  • Getting to know the deceased; what brought meaning to their life, what were their joys, passions, hobbies, favorite songs, favorite poems, favorites sports team.
  • Learning about their relationships and how they walked in the world.
  • Discovering what the grieving need for support and meaning making.
  • Preparing the eulogy, if needed.
  • Collaborating with the funeral director about logistical details.
  • Planning the service format.
  • Officiating or celebrating the service.

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