End of Life Doula Services

The End-of-life doula (EOLD) provides non-medical guidance, emotional support, companionship, advocacy, and practical assistance to the dying and their loved ones. The services offered will vary depending on the needs of the client and the individual doula’s areas of interest and skills.  Some of the services offered include: organizing household details, coordinating visitors, shopping, accessing community resources, facilitating family meetings, providing respite care, sitting vigil, planning ceremonies, and probably most importantly – offering a calming, grounding presence and compassionate, skillful listening. 


The role of the EOLD may seem relatively new but there have always been people in the community, usually women, who have supported the dying. Dying, like birthing, is a normal part of our life cycle and not necessarily a medical event. The role of EOLD is becoming more prevalent and necessary as more people choose to die in non-medical settings, often at home. The EOLD is a valuable support person offering guidance, companionship, and resources to help facilitate a graceful transition for the dying and those who care for and love them.

End-of-Life Doula Services Offered

Comfort, Companionship, Compassionate Presence.

  • Non-medical comfort measures: music, meditation, reading, Reiki, compassionate presence, and more.


  • Non-judgmental space to explore and discuss death and dying.
  • Exploration of what matters most to you and your loved ones.

Advance Care Planning

  • Appointing your health care agent.
  • Completing advance directives.
  • Document storage options. 

Logistical and Household Support

  • Errands.
  • Coordinating visitors.

Legacy Projects

  • Life review.
  • Eulogy and obituary writing.

Health Care Advocacy

  • Provide information and resources for informed decision making.
  • Communicate with medical teams if needed.

The final days

  • Designing the death bed
  • Identifying your Caring Circle.
  • Vigil plans.
  • Planning the ceremony.

Caregiver/Caring Circle Support

  • Respite care. 
  • Self-care tools and resources.
  • Grief support and resources.

Service Options

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