Let's start putting the pieces together

Initial Assessment

All of my services start with a free 20-minute consultation to learn how my offerings can meet your needs. Maybe your needs can be met by attending a workshop or maybe some form of direct care is needed - either way, let's figure out what's best and make a plan.


Pricing Tiers

All of my services are offered on a sliding scale because I recognize that not everyone has access to the same resources for lots of different reasons. I want to make these services available to everyone who has the need. And who doesn’t need an advocate, an end-of-life planner, or someone to listen? The services offered are the same, no matter which tier you select. Please consider that to sustain my business I can only offer Purple Tier pricing to a limited number of clients. Take a look at the chart below and decide what feels comfortable based on your resources, expenses and any other factors that you feel are relevant. The opportunity to “pay forward” in any amount to the Purple fund is always available. These funds help to subsidize the Purple Tier.

See the chart below

Patient Advocacy, End-of-Life Planning
& Doula Support

Step One: Puzzle Pieces Consultation This is 90-minute consultation where we explore in-depth your goals, needs, aspirations, and the services and resources needed to meet them. Step Two: Following the Puzzle Pieces consultation, I will create a personalized package and support plan. We will follow up with a conversation to decide on how to best move forward. There is no obligation to move forward with the plan but you will be left with guidance and resources.
We can meet in person at your home or at my office in Holyoke. We can also schedule a virtual meeting over Zoom.

Green Tier $175
Yellow Tier $125
Purple Tier $75


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