End of Life Planning

Even though we know it will happen, many of us put off making decisions about end-of-life care. The task might seem daunting or maybe it doesn’t seem necessary; how much control do we really have at the end, right? Fact is, we do have control of certain aspects of our last days, months, and years. We can decide what types of medical interventions we might want, who we want at our side, where we might want to be.  We can decide how our bodies will be taken care of once we we’re dead and what type of memorial service would be most fitting. But if we don’t take the time to discover our preferences, discuss with our loved ones, decide what is best, and then document – no one will know our hopes and wishes.

At TreBe Consulting we offer personal support and resources to guide you through the steps of end-of-life planning with a focus on the social, emotional, spiritual, medical and physical considerations at end of life with compassion and expertise. We do not provide guidance on legal or financial matters but can refer to professionals in those fields.



Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning is a process during which a person plans their future health care for a time when they are not able to communicate their wishes.

  • Not a one-time conversation or event.
  • Assessment of what needs to be done.
  • Reflection of values, goals, and wishes.
  • Conversation and sharing of your values, goals, and wishes.
  • Documentation of what you would like your end to look like.


Who should do Advance Care Planning?

  • Everyone over the age of 18!


The Steps of  Advance Care Planning

  • What Matters Most – Explore and identify your goals, values, beliefs, and things that make your life meaningful.
  • Medical Language – Learn the meaning of medical terms and procedures so that you can make informed and knowledgeable decisions.
  • Health Care Agent or Proxy – Things to consider when deciding who will speak for you when you can’t.
  • Stating Your End of Life Wishes – How would like your final days to unfold?
  • Documenting Your Choices – Options for storing and distributing your documents.

Legacy Work

Resources and guidance for life review, legacy letters, and a variety of creative ways to be remembered. 

After Death Considerations

After a person dies there is paperwork to be completed, people to be notified, accounts to be closed, passwords to be unearthed, and a list of other tasks to be completed. There are also decisions to be made about the funeral, body disposition, and an obituary to write. What a gift it is to those you leave behind to have all of this information gathered and in one place.


With the check list we created along with personal guidance and support we can work with you to complete this very important task.

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